Tax Types Accepted

Individual Taxes

  • Individual Income Tax – Return
  • Individual Income Tax – Estimate
  • Individual Income Tax – Amended Return
  • Individual Income Tax – Extension
  • Individual Income Tax – Audit
  • Estate Tax
  • Consumer Use Tax – Individual
  • Property Tax – Amended Return
  • Property Tax – Audit

Business Taxes

Alcohol, Cigarette or Tobacco Taxes

  • Alcohol Consumer Use Tax
  • Cigarette Consumer Use Tax
  • Cigarette Tax
  • Common Carrier Excise Tax
  • Distilled Spirits Excise Tax
  • Excise Tax for Brewers and Importers
  • Fermented Malt Beverage Tax
  • Tobacco Consumer Use Tax
  • Tobacco Tax
  • Wine Excise Tax

Corporate, Partnership or Fiduciary Taxes

  • Corporate Franchise Tax
  • Fiduciary Tax
  • Partnership Tax
  • S Corporation Tax

Insurance Taxes

  • Auto Theft Prevention Surcharge
  • Direct Procured (Unauthorized Carrier) Insurance Tax
  • Fire Safety Surcharge Tax
  • Firefighter Relief Surcharge
  • HMO Premium Tax
  • Insurance Premium Tax
  • Surplus Lines Insurance Tax

MinnesotaCare Taxes

  • Hospital Tax
  • Legend (Prescription) Drug Use Tax
  • Provider Tax
  • Surgical Center Tax
  • Wholesale Drug Distributor Tax

Miscellaneous Business Taxes

  • Contamination Tax
  • Cooperative Electric Association Tax
  • Deed Tax
  • Distributor Pull Tab / Tip Board Tax
  • Dry Cleaner Facility Fee
  • Dry Cleaner Solvent Fee
  • E-Waste Annual Registration Fee
  • Lawful Gambling Tax
  • Metropolitan Landfill Fee
  • Mortgage Registration Tax
  • Occupation Tax
  • Organic Fuel Tax
  • Petroleum Tax
  • Preparer's Paper-Filing Fee
  • Statewide Property Tax (paid by counties only)
  • Unrelated Business Income (Nonprofit Org Franchise) Tax

Sales and Use Tax

  • Sales and Use Tax

Withholding Taxes

  • Nonresident Entertainer Tax: Promoter
  • Withholding Tax

Minnesota Tax Bill (AR)

  • Minnesota Tax Bill (AR)

Minnesota Debt Referred to Revenue

  • Minnesota Debt Referred to Revenue

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